For the foreign partners

We express our gratitude to international organizations and our foreign partners for long-term and fruitful cooperation:

  • UNESCO PASH for the opportunity to move in one of the most progressive organizations of the world and to get involved in the solution of the most important problems of the people;
  • Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv for the long support of our interest to Sweden;
  • Vimmerby Gymnasium and Victoria Axelsson (Sweden, Smoland) for the opportunity to discover the Motherland of Astrid Lindgren, friendship and inspiration to youth journalism, for the projects ‘’Astrid Lindgren and the children’s culture of the world’’ and ‘’Youth Media – the Way to Democracy’’, jointly undertaken with the support of the Swedish Institute;
  • Skånska småstadens kulturskola, Lindesborgsskolan and Ölyckeskolan (Sweden, Skone) and their Headmaster Peter Bengtsson for his great pedagogy and human talent and generous sharing it;
  • Anna Frank House in the Netherlands for initiating and support in making the performance “Anna Frank‘s Diary”;
  • Swedish public organization SVEA for the opportunity to get acquainted with self-government work in Swedish gymnasia;
  • Prywatna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 105 i Prywatne Gimnazjum nr 8 Astrid Lindgren for the fact that we always feel the unity of our views;
  • Swedish public organization “Dags för Barrnkonventionen” for joint work in the project “People’s University” and long-term support;
  • Waldorf Umeå  for the opportunity to get acquainted with the Waldorf School in Oslo and the common social practice in Poltava “Everyone has the right to joy”;
  • EAD “Student Rest and Sports”, Varna and Nikolay Voinov who discovered  Bulgaria for us;
  • Zespołu Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Brusach for successful implementation the joint project “Together in Culture and Education”;
  • Iowa College of Pennsylvania in the United States for corresponding with their students within the project ‘’People to people’’.
  • We are always open to a new partnership!

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